The Real Life Rocks

I was introduced to pure essential oils a little of 2yrs ago. I have Fibromyalgia along with a laundry list of other medical conditions. I am allergic to most medications so essential oils have been a wonderful alternative to traditional medications. My go to oils for my Fibromyalgia are Wintergreen and Lemongrass as they work on areas that are flaring up. Whether I utilize the oils in a massage blend or just a few drops in my daily epson bath I have instant relief from pain. My husband has gout and a combination of Basil & Frankincense provide instant relief for him. Must have oils always on hand are Lavender & Peppermint as one of those typical can help with with most issues instantly. I found there is an oil for any health issues. I truly feel blessed to have found the oils as they have changed how we handle health issues in our home.

Christine J.