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My Path To Better Health Through a Natural Route 

Healthy-LivingAbout 15 years ago, I suddenly had some strange symptoms like pain in my jaw, joint pain, unexplained fatigue, numb hands and feet plus more. Sounds lovely eh? I tried many doctors, different pharmaceuticals and more. Our family spent thousands of dollars on doctors visits, prescriptions plus tried some natural remedies with a top Naturalist in the area and was no better. Each year, I got worse and was to the point that I could not walk up stairs normally, could not squat to the ground anymore, could not open jars and it was painful to even type on the computer or hold a pencil in my mid 30’s. My system was just under attack and their seemed to be no solution. It was very hopeless.

In Feb 2013, I attended a workshop where we were taught ways to incorporate pure essential oils and natural supplements into our daily routines to support wellness. I was very skeptical and broken at that point, definitely in a slump and was really struggling with brain fog, dry mouth, fatigue, pain/stiffness, plus not being able to sleep and more. The dry mouth had caused one molar to crack and I was having 5-6 cavities every visit after living into my 30’s without any dental issues. My immune system was attacking itself and wreaking havoc on my body. At the workshop, I was taught about all natural supplements including an oil supplement containing 6 oils that support the immune system and more. I ordered that night and had hope. Hope is powerful. If you have lost that, pray to God that you can get that back so you can keep battling whatever your ailments are. Hope makes you keep trying.

Since then, the entire family has cleaned up our diet, supported our bodies with high quality natural supplements, learned ways to get toxins out of our home using natural substances for cleaning, healthcare and more.  I have had multiple normal blood panels, “clean” dentist visits and more. My doctor calls it “spontaneous remission”. I call it an answer to prayer and am confidant my body has healed through balancing my nutrition with quality supplements, a clean diet, and getting toxins out of our home and bodies by replacing them with natural options. We use pure oils now in every way we can and continue to find ways to weed chemicals out of our diets, our cleaning products, etc. If you have never researched “leaky gut syndrome”, do yourself a favor and “google” it. This theory is tied to many health conditions. Gut balance is more important than you may think!

I now ride horses, garden, clean my house without pain, hike mountains and more. The picture above is from an 11 mile hike with my kids. We have now completed that same hike three times!

I sincerely hope this post helps someone out there. My regimen is still the same to this day with the whole food supplements plus I do use clove/coconut oil for oil pulling a few nights a week after I brush to support dental health. A 30 day all natural cleanse is done once or twice per year. The oils helped support me to get through until my body could heal from the inside out using clean foods and decreasing my toxic load. Praise the Lord! I don’t even have any symptoms now, but will continue to work hard to keep my nutrition in balance and my gut healed so that I stay in remission.

By the way, I hate writing a story that says “I” in it 50 times, but know that this will help some of you and your family members. My health issues were kept private while suffering through them. Very few people knew how bad it was as I wanted to stay “positive” and not talk about it or post complaints publicly. However, God has healed me through natural substances, eating real foods and getting chemicals out of our home. It would be wrong not to share this knowledge with others. He deserves all the glory in this as He is the creator of these “real” substances. We have just gone too far with the chemicals and it’s time to get back to basics. Living in a state of “optimum health” is a combination of many things. There is not one quick cure. However, using natural substances for your health care, eating clean and avoiding as many chemicals as possible is a great start! My new mission in life is to help educate others on their choices. We DO have choices and making changes now can be beneficial for the rest of your life and the lives of your children. I hope my story encourages you! My family is still a huge work in progress. We are not perfect. We mess up every day and still have ways we can “clean” up ever more, BUT we are trying to live healthier and hope you will too! Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you! Paying it forward by sharing this knowledge has become my purpose and passion.

Essential Oils Work!