The Real Life Rocks

Why live the Real Life? Real Life Stories

The point of this site is to BE REAL, learn to EAT REAL FOODS, strive for REAL HEALTH using holistic options when possible and to love the great OUTDOORS…for REAL! To sum it up-lets enjoy the real life that God gave us! I think that’s the key to the healthiest and happiest life possible. In return, let’s weed out the stuff that we know is not good for us, start moving more and educate ourselves plus a few others along the way.

Home Grown

Life on the farm means, real food, real exercise and real life!

Essential Oils

Learn how natural plant oils can be beneficial for your health and be used for toxin-free cleaning too!

Natural Remedies

Let’s work towards using natural solutions first!

My Real Family Learn More

The real life rocks? What on earth does that mean? Am I for real? Well, let me explain…I have been on a journey over the past few years towards better health for our family. During these years, we have left the neighborhood and bought a few acres, been working towards eating “clean” and I have been on a path to heal from multiple autoimmune disorders. It’s been quite the journey! I have people constantly asking me what we eat, what we use for medicine, why are some of our chicken eggs blue, how long does it take to hike up our local mountain, what’s the big deal about gluten, did we really chop ALL that firewood, am I really in remission, what do we put on our Amish popcorn, did I really grow Stevia and on and on. After years of answering questions, we thought it might be fun to have a website dedicated to the things our family loves.