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Clean Eating

Is washing your food enough?

That sounds confusing doesn’t it? It may also sound a little overwhelming or silly. We wash our apples… right? You might occasionally buy organic or maybe you are hard core about what you put in your body. Here is my consensus…our food supply is very contaminated right now with pesticides, artificial products, hidden artificial ingredients plus don’t even get me started on the genetically modified foods. So, with all that being said, no wonder there is so much disease on the rise and at earlier ages plus obesity.


What my family does to combat this “food problem”

What my family does to combat this “food problem” is strive to eat clean-ER. We all have things we love and things we avoid. We also have things we love that we NEED to avoid or find a substitute for. What we do now is strive to eat REAL foods whenever possible meaning that they don’t contain artificial flavors and ingredients. We buy ORGANIC foods as much as we can and grow many of them in our garden. Plus, our family shares chickens with our neighbor so we can have fresh, organic eggs. Our other goal is to support other local organic gardeners and buy their salsa, cornmeal, honey, lettuce, produce, etc as shown in the picture. I can not possibly make all of this due to our busy schedule, but it’s so satisfying to support others who do!

In addition, we make attempts to get no hormone, antibiotic free meat when possible. When you eat out, that’s almost impossible, BUT we do have an all natural beef farm that we buy from . We buy Simple Truth meats from Kroger if we can not get out there. When our family buys lunch meats, we get the hormone and antibiotic free options. Are they a dollar or two more? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.


Follow me and get REAL!

On this site, I will be adding very specific articles discussing ways to get the fake ingredients out of your diet and enjoy food even more, plus have recipes, gardening tips and eye opening articles about what to avoid/why. I will explain what GMO means, dive into the hidden artificial sweetners in foods and more. What I promise is that you will get solutions too! Not just scare tactics. NO one needs anymore stress. I just want to educate and inspire others to live a more natural life. Get ready to join the ride and get REAL!