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Farm Fresh Eggs

We love chickens

I have something to admit. We love chickens. Yes, you read that right. We actually love chickens! After moving to the country from our neighborhood, we met a lovely neighbor with a farm across the street from our house. That’s where we fell in love with the chickens. We had considered getting our own coop and made a plan, but then our neighbor offered to share her coops. So, we made a great deal! We raise the chicks in our garage whenever the time comes to add to the flock. We monitor their temperature, water, food and more. The kids handle them daily to help ensure that they will be friendly to us. When they get too big for the water trough in the garage, we take them over the “big house”. She has a wonderful group of ladies over there plus a couple of roosters. My family pitches in on feeding them and taking care of them. In return, we all enjoy farm fresh eggs. I help out by selling the eggs which pays for all the chicken feed. It’s a lot of fun and we really do enjoy these wonderful little creatures!

Chickens are soft, sweet & have personalities

Many people think chickens are creepy or dirty or whatever. They are actually really soft, sweet and have personalities. We have one over there we call “Speckle”. She is a beautiful Hamburg  and makes a game out of not being put away each night. For years, she has snuck out while we are feeding or will squeeze out of the top of the coop if you lock her in. There are anywhere from 30-50 chickens at the farm throughout the year and this is the only one that does this. She is a pill! She is smaller than the rest and marches to her own beat.  This morning, she followed me around while I gathered food for the horses and dogs. Once I went to let her feathered friends out, she joined the flock and I never noticed her again. She blends right back in when they are loose. I almost think she thinks she is “too good” to sleep with chickens! ha!

Enjoy these pictures of the chicks and roosters! I will have more fun chicken stories to follow. Also, yes, those are blue eggs!

Fun Facts:

Farm eggs can stay in the nest for days and still be gathered for food.

They have a natural protective layer on them called a “bloom” that keeps outside odors and bacteria from penetrating the eggs. They do not have to be refrigerated for weeks although we choose to do so. Some sources say they can stay at room temperature for 8-9 weeks!

Eggs come in many colors.

Eggs come in many colors such as blue, green, brown, pink and more!

To have a chick, you need a rooster!

However, hens will lay one egg per day without a rooster around. It’s very rare that they would lay two eggs in a day, but it is possible.

Backyard poultry is healthier than the chickens raised in cages.

A nonscientific study from Mother Earth News found that pasture raised hens had:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3’s more vitamin A
  • 2 times more Omega 3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more Vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene