The Real Life Rocks

Hugging trees, doing things the old fashioned way, not following the crowd…WHY am I so weird?

DSC01540 (640x426)Some of you think I am extreme now with all my “healthy” ways…

I get it! Some make comments to my face and it is probably true that others have unfriended me on Facebook because of my “tree hugger” posts or think we are just living paranoid now. That is ok. Here is the thing…what I do every single day now is help people. Helping people learn natural options for their healthcare, helping people learn ways to replace toxic products with natural substances, helping people figure out better choices for clean eating and more. Do I get paid to be a “Wellness Coach” for everyone that I help? No, but that is ok. My career path now is teaching people about wellness in many ways. Do some buy oils from me? Yes! That is great too. Do I constantly advise people that buy them somewhere else or end up not being willing to try something new? Yes, it happens. The main thing is that my goal of continually “paying it forward” by educating others with what I have learned keeps being reached. Am I perfect? No. Just striving towards better choices each day. Are we “there yet” as a family? No way! Follow us around and you will pick us apart easily.

 It is all just baby steps friends…let me explain.

Along the way to my own healing from all the autoimmune issues, people told me things to do. First, my chiro told me about “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. I laughed it off at first. Who wants to say they have that? That sounds weird! Guess what, most of us do because of our American diet and it causes all sorts of health issues. It is the “root cause” to many skin issues, digestive disorders and more. Thank goodness he spoke up even if it took years for me to take that serious. Wish they would give it a new name though. Second, a friend from my old neighborhood kept trying to teach me about the oils. This was laughed off at first because I had a “real” disease and thought it sounded hokey. She just did not understand! Guess what? Oils were not so hokey after all. Now, my job is literally to educate others on how to use those same oils and supplements. This is what I do FULL time now. It is my business and sometimes I work 7 days a week to get it all done. This is not some hobby. Third, others taught me how to really exercise. I don’t mean walking 2mph on a treadmill and then griping because you never lose weight. “Exercise” as in intense cardio and weight training! Muscle burns fat. That was taught to me in college first, but when you are in so much pain that you can not open a jar of pickles it is impossible to work out. Now, living pain free, I can use that knowledge and burn off this weight from my “sick years”. Lost a half inch in 6 weeks and will keeping it going. My current trainers continue to teach me new ways to exercise effectively. It is a continual process of learning in all these areas.
My point of this is…if you think my posts are annoying or weird or if you hate my website or blog, it is ok. Keep eating McDonald’s if you choose. It is your choice! Your body! No judgement.

Do not dare apologize about what you order if you go to lunch with me.

This happens all the time now and it makes me cringe.  I drank a pumpkin spice latte last night. My family is not perfect clean eaters either. If you want to learn what I can share with you, contact me. I will help you with the clean eating “thing” or can tell you how oils work in our bodies and can benefit you OR you can go workout with me free one time to try it. I am not saying all this to sell you something. We do not own the gym and the clean eating advice will just be what we have learned. My degree IS from the School of Food and Nutrition at Auburn, but guess what? We did not even learn about GMO’s or gluten back then. My knowledge was gained on my own through research over the past 8 years. Most of what I do is just give free advice to people. It is just wrong for me NOT to keep trying to share with others. Some are open to a healthier lifestyle and some will be eventually. Many are stubborn like me “back in the day” because it means change in their lives. Just “paying it forward” in the little ways that I can! Hope this helps…I will now resume hugging trees. Follow me down this path if you want. Just be warned, it is not clearly paved, it can be messy and may require clearing away some leaves or sticks along the way.

DSC01544 (640x426)

I wish peace, love and happy oiling to you all! -Ashley