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ASHLEY vs AMAZON? What do I choose?

Why would you get essential oils through me instead of just buying them on Amazon? Let me tell you why.

#1 Oils do not come with an instruction manual.

You will not know what to do with them without a lot of research on your own. Even then, if you use pure oils that can be taken internally, it is going to be difficult to get accurate information as most documentation is about oils that are only approved for aromatic use. I have been researching these oils for years and use them daily in our home. I attend conferences, watch webinars and more. Therefore, there is some good info to share with you that it is trapped in this brain of mine. You get to take advantage of that knowledge without having to spend all that time researching yourself(unless you want to spend hours doing this and that is totally awesome too…just unlikely with our busy schedules). A monthly newsletter is also sent out with great information from your truly.

#2 You get 24/7 Support!

You get access to a private FB group that has 3000+ people in it. You can read testimonials from others and find people with similar health concerns so that you can get instant information for what YOU need. Also, you can just do a search and read their stories.That is all free to have access to. Many of the participants have used pure oils for years! This is an invaluable group!

#3 You can buy at the same price I do.

I will show you how to do that. AMAZON is 10% higher cost than the wholesale cost that I pay and you can get pure oils for the same price too. This is a rule mandated by doTerra that their sellers have to be 10% higher cost than what wholesale members pay. SO, compare all you want and then let me show you how to buy at the lowest cost. I LOVE to save money and make a huge effort to help others do the same.

#4 You can get points back for FREEBIES from your purchases and shipping costs.

So, $8 shipping=8 points for free product. Amazon does not offer that. It is through a free Loyalty Rewards program that is optional. I love it. I just redeemed 208 points for $208 worth of product this week.Sweet! We got laundry detergent, toothpaste, plus the oils we wanted or needed.

#5 Typically, my orders come in 2-3 business days.Take that PRIME!

No need to pay more for the product just to get prime shipping. It is rare that it takes longer. So, Prime really is not that much faster as we have UPS Ground and multiple distribution centers across the country making delivery fast. There is even one in Atlanta. 

#6 You get additional support classes from me…

I teach Make and Takes where you bring your oils and leave with blends ready to use for all sorts of great needs from health needs to cleaning to spa/pampering blends to emotional support blends! I offer these classes to all of my customers. Can you Pinterest recipes and make them on your own? Yes, of course, but it is so fun to work together in a group and share ideas with like minded people enjoying natural solutions. Plus, you can use some of my supplies and get advice. I also offer FB workshops if you are out of town and will soon do webinars for Emotional Aromatherapy classes and more.

#7 You get me. Amazon does not follow up with you or care if you ever open a bottle of oil up after it arrives.

You get someone that cares for you and wants to help you. I know that #7 is the same as #1 in a sense. However, I want to re-iterate that having someone hold your hand and walk you through this makes it much easier for YOU. This is my career. That is how passionate I am about oils and natural supplements. I repeat, this is my career now and what my time is devoted to….helping others! My health conditions have literally turned completely around and I LOVE to pay this gift of knowledge about oils forward to others.

Have you already bought a few oils online? TOTALLY fine. Contact me today to let me help you and just know you can buy a great price going forward, get excellent support from myself and others plus get some good results with what you choose to use. I will even help you figure out what to do with what you already have. I do this all the time for people!

I wish for you…peace, love and pure oils my friends!